Patching Default Settings: Radical Feminist Gameplay

Patching Default Settings: Radical Feminist Gameplay is a project directed by the Studio for Mediating to research and intervene in mainstream gaming through creative and critical practice informed by intersectional feminist theory and politically engaged art. Drawing on feminist research that interrogates sexist, racist, classist, heteronormative, and ableist logics common in commercial game titles and gaming practices, this project aims to develop original experimental artworks about games, gameplay, and gaming cultures that render and envision alternative ways of playing. In addition to faculty participation, this project seeks to mentor students as critical researchers and creative practitioners engaged in these critical and creative domains.

To accomplish these goals, Patching Default Settings includes the following two deliverables. First, with support from the HEArts Grant, the studio will financially and intellectually support participating UT Dallas faculty and students in developing and showcasing feminist experimental art about gaming by hosting regularly scheduled studio hours toward organizing an exhibition at UT Dallas, in preparation for submission to other educational, cultural, and scholarly institutions across the country. Second, throughout the academic year funded under the HEArts Grant, the studio will invite three prominent feminist game scholar-designers from other institutions across the US to visit UT Dallas for a series of workshops, presentations, and critique sessions on feminist praxis through game design. Through these two deliverables, this project will produce and disseminate scholarly and creative work beyond our institution, demonstrating the value of thoughtful and intentional gameplay across public, commercial, and academic sectors. Furthermore, this project will generate an initial portfolio for securing external funding opportunities to support larger scale public engagements and artistic interventions that bring visibility to UT Dallas as a recognizable scholarly and creative destination that innovates at the confluence of critical game studies, intersectional feminist theory, and contemporary art practices.

More information on Patching Default Settings: Radical Feminist Gameplay will be made available soon.

Support for Patching Default Settings: Radical Feminist Gameplay is provided by a Humanities and Emerging Arts (HEArts) Grant from the Office of Research at The University of Texas at Dallas for the 2019-2020 academic year.